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Multisensory Trail Project

The Friends of Glimmerglass State Park is developing an accessible multisensory trail. The multisensory trail is underway.

Come listen to the stories on the audio boxes at the kiosk brought to you from the generous support of the Cooperstown Lionís club.

See our July newsletter on the website for more information about the Trails Day Dedication event.

Read more about what a multisensory trail is and how it will make the trails more engaging and accessible for all visitors to the park below.

Trails Day Dedication Ceremony. June 4, 2016.

What is a multisensory trail?

A multisensory trail engages the senses; you will be able to smell, taste, hear, see, and touch different aspects of nature along the trails.

We are creating a multisensory trail around the beaver pond that follows ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) design recommendations.

It will increase the accessibility of the trails and will make it easier for visitors with visual, physical, cognitive, and other impairments to be able to enjoy the trails.

Why is a multisensory trail and classroom important for Glimmerglass State Park?

Established in 1963, Glimmerglass State Park is the only nature center in Otsego County.

Glimmerglass State Park offers visitors a variety of educational programs and recreational activities for children and adults.

By providing wheelchair accessible paths, benches, and a multisensory classroom around the beaver pond. This way we will be able to make the trails accessible to all visitors.

The multisensory trail and classroom will engage people in using all of their senses in learning about the natural world.


How will it engage new audiences?

Local visitors and tourists will be able to walk the nature trails with ease.

Individuals with physical, hearing, visual, or other impairments will be able to enjoy the trails with their family and friends.

The multisensory trail and classroom can better serve our visitors as all people will be able to engage their senses in learning about nature.


What can you do to support us in developing the multisensory trail and classroom?

By donating to the multisensory trail or aspects of the classroom you will be able to contribute to the success of making Glimmerglass State Park accessible to all visitors.

Children and adults alike will be able to utilize the park and participate in exciting and interactive activities.

Use this Amazon Smile link when shopping on Amazon to support the new Sensory Trail at Glimmerglass State Park!

 Donations of $25 or more will be recognized by putting a leaf on our tree of donors to the multisensory trail with your name on it with your consent.


What would you like to interact with in the multisensory trail or classroom?

Email Karen Sheckells, Friends of Glimmerglass State Park Board President at to share your ideas

and inspirations for our multisensory trail and classroom.

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