Friends of
Glimmerglass State Park

2015 Festival of Trees Winners

We appreciate the support for our annual fundraiser!
Winners for the Festival of Trees

1) Donor –  A Rose is a Rose Florist  

Winner: Andre Jones

2) Sponsor– Bank of Cooperstown

      Winner: Steven Rathbun

3) Donor-  Park Manager, Rich & Karen Sheckells

Winner: Martin Schiagoni

4) Donor–  George Ludin Tree Farm

        Winner: Denise Eissler

5) Donors– Rich McCaffery & The Sheckells 

        Winner: Marcia Kozwlsek

6) Sponsor– Rich McCaffery

        Winner: Stacy Richard

7) Donors– Rich McCaffery & Sandra Starr

        Winner: Tracey

8) Donor– David Sanford
   Winner: Terry Crandall 

9) Sponsor–  Friends of Glimmerglass State Park

   Winner: Peggy Baker 

10) Donor– Christine and Bob Amos

   Winner: Marie Saltys

11) Sponsors– Cherry Valley Chamber of Commerce & Sandra Starr

          Winner: C. Strange

12) Donor– Glimmerglass Festival 

    Winner: Sarah Glazier 

12 B) Donor– Georgiana Kirsch

    Winner: Peggy Baker

13) Donor– Pamela Wightman

         Winner: Marcia Kozwlsek

14) Donor– NBT

        Winner: Donna  

15) Sponsor– Rich and Karen Sheckells

Winner:  Terry Crandall  

16) Donor– Linda Sheckells 

 Winner: Bell Summerfield

17) Sponsor– Linda & Warren Sheckells

       Winner: Joe  

18) Donor– Szerpa’s Owl Landings B & B

Winner: Ryann Young 

19) Sponsor– Glimmerglass State Park

Winner: Nancy Hall 

20) Donor– R. Young Carpentry

Winner: Sue Goodich  

21) Sponsor– Maureen and Fred Culbert  

Winner: Sharon Rathbun  

22) Donor–  The Village Cobbler 

Winner: Alice Colllins  

23) Sponsor– Rich McCaffery  

Winner: Barb VanSpange 

24) Donor– Otsego Land Trust 

Winner: C Strange 

25) Sponsor– Otsego County Conservation Association 

Winner: Andre Jones  

26) Donor– Fly Creek Cider Mill   

Winner: Pricilla Barry 

27) Donor– Richfield Springs Garden Club  

      Winner: Sarah Glazier

"Green" Parking Lot

Glimmerglass State Park will undertake a project to rehabilitate the existing parking area and driveways near the beach and day use areas. The beach is home to 8,000 feet of shoreline on the scenic Otsego Lake. With aid from the New York Works fund, Glimmerglass State Park targets the main parking lot at the beach and day use area as the main place of reconstruction due to the high volumes of vehicles that enter the park each season. The nearly nine-acre parking lot is run down and needs to be modernized to accompany as many vehicles as possible in an environmental-friendly fashion. Construction is expected to begin in the fall.

"The significant capital funding the Governor and Legislature provided through the New York Works program will make great progress toward revitalizing Glimmerglass State Park," said Harvey. "With the help of New York Works program, we are able to develop projects and improve the surrounding environments of our New York State Parks in ways that we never thought were possible. It is truly special to see how Glimmerglass is working toward becoming more environmental-friendly with the improvements on the parking lot and the grand opening of the Tin Top Bridge. This is a great leap forward for Glimmerglass and I am excited to see their improvements in the near future."

Some of the many highlights of the project include:

  • Minimizing the asphalt parking lot and creating more room for recreation, including a basketball court and grassy areas for tents and large scale picnics.
  • Reducing the amount of asphalt surfacing and replacing it with reinforced green parking areas Incorporating new drainage features and bioswales to help filter and reduce the volume of storm water runoff to improve the water quality of Otsego Lake.
  • Providing universal accessibility for people with disabilities.
  • Planting new native species trees, shrubs, and ornamental grasses to help improve the aesthetics of the area and provide shade and wind breaks in the future years.

Glimmerglass State Park attracts about 400,000 visitors a year.

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